Why 1% Difference Really Matters

Did you know that on average only 6 percent of mortgage holders had refinanced their home loan in the 12 months prior to June 2020.  Why is this an issue? Well interest rates have dropped significantly since then and chances are you are paying extraordinarily high interest rates as rate cuts aren’t automatically passed on […]

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How to Finance a Home Renovation

Australia’s home improvement market is worth a whopping $43 billion per year with more homeowners than ever wanting to renovate their homes.  Whether it’s to make home life more comfortable, increase your home’s equity or turn a profit, taking out a loan to finance a renovation is a popular option we see people accessing.  The […]

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What types of home loans are available?

When the time comes to decide on which home loan to choose, you may be faced with more options than you thought.  From variable to a line of credit, even split rate loans, there are many options available to you.   While a great mortgage broker can help you navigate the options to suit your specific […]

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